The Bookshelf House

This three storey property is located in a nice neighborhood just outside Paris. The existing dark tile floor and the extensive use of stainless steel create a disturbing old atmosphere. The clients fell in love with a bookshelf in their friend’s house living room where they were staying during the remodelling and asked for a big space for their books. This simple functional dream is the pretext for a project where a library module turns into the backbone of the new interior. The single width module is repeated, then populates the space changing shape and always ensuring at least two functions at the same time. Acting as the staircase handrail, it starts from the first level and goes up to the next floor, creating the main library of the living room and a storage space for the mezzanine. On the right, it supports the ceiling and create a filter between the main space and the dining room.To illuminate the double height space of the living room, the grey floor becomes a white parquet. The light reflected from the ground warms up the atmosphere as it strikes the wood surfaces.




Interior remodeling
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