This small house was built in a courtyard located in central Paris. It was a 4.2m high empty space . The client wanted a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom, all to be squeezed on the 13 m² footprint. To meet the program, the bedroom was placed on a mezzanine. The overall volume was quite small and a classic railing would have made the staircase and the mezzanine heavier. A strong visual element was also needed in the project. In addition, a minimal staircase of Corten steel sheet was to be built up to the mezzanine but it needed to be reinforced. We decided to use synthetic yellow ropes to solve this problem and give character to the whole. The ropes draw the space while securing it. They enphasize the volume height and support the Corten staircase giving it more stiffness.
We decided to use brushed Roman travertine to cover the entire floor surface and bathroom walls. In the bedroom, the bed has become a carpentry element that incorporates a large storage space inside. All the woodwork is in American walnut that perfectly interacts with the yellow of the strings and the beige of the stone.

Interior remodeling
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