Métaphores store in Paris

Métaphores company produce and sell luxury fabrics for fourniture and the interior world. Andrea Mosca Creative Studio was charged to completely remodel the old store, placed in one of the most beautiful squares in Paris, Place de Furstemberg. Saint Germain des Prés district, is known for many of the most interesting art galleries of the city. This remodeling project defies the traditional idea of a fabric shop :Instead of a container of endless tall fabric hangers, full of multi-coloured walls sofas and chairs, the showroom is re-imagined as an art gallery, a new purified space. We decided to paint the existing floor, walls and ceilings in white. Under the paint coat, the materials still witness their age, showing their scars and patterns. The white is used to catch as much sunlight as possible as we can’t have direct sunlight and to make a neutral environment and focus on the fabrics. The woodwork is made in french Oak wood, shelves, table structures and details are in polished brass atraditional tone we wanted to be present.  We can divide the shop in three connected spaces : one at the entry, one in the middle and one at the back, the central one linking the others. Once inside, three big oak frames show Métaphores fabrics as an art piece, their bevel cutted edges make a detail that is extended to every piece of fourniture in the shop.The entry room is characterised by frames and fabric-covered fourniture, it is a flexible space where selected designer or artist can display their work. In the second and third part of the shop the fabrics are the showed on two levels of oak display boxes : On the upper one, the fabrics are wrapped inside fabric-covered tubes designed by Metaphores art director that show the collections in a new and unusual way, the cylinders are placed over polished brass shelves. On the lower one all the fabrics are displayed on bigger sample hangers in a more conventional way. To work with customers, we designed two oak and brass tables, on the table top shape, we can still find the frame-theme. On the central part of the shop, we placed two dotted glass vertical slabs to create a virtual path and to visually shield the first table and create a more intimate space.




Showroom remodeling
Pictures By
Alessandro Silvestri