Little Paris

This small house was built in a courtyard located in central Paris. It was a 4.2m high empty space . The client wanted a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom, all to be squeezed on the 13 m² footprint. To meet the program, the bedroom was placed on a mezzanine. The overall..

The Sleeping Attic

Inhabited by the only wooden skeleton of the roof, this attic passes from the category «uninhabited» to that of space of life and dreams. The staircase, as a carpentered set, lets guess the architectural theme of the floor and constitutes an element of storage while filtering the sunlight. The floor opens on a lateral perspective..
Bookshelf House

Bookshelf House

This three storey property is located in a nice neighborhood just outside Paris. The existing dark tile floor and the extensive use of stainless steel create a disturbing old atmosphere. The clients fell in love with a bookshelf in their friend’s house living room where they were staying during the remodelling and asked for a..