The bookshelf House project is on new Thames&Hudson Book “Home Work”

Our last project is now featured on Anna Yudina’s new work

The book is about the emerging need for working space at home in a time when job flexibility is growing as a necessity. This pushes architects like us and designers to imagine and create new solutions for the future. The Bookshelf House integrates this principle as the client needed a working space that sould be at the center of the house circulation, protected from the noise. We placed this “remote office” on the mezzanine in a spot where the owner can easily check the three children playing while working on a quiet desk, visually and acustically shielded by a bookshelf element.

This essential and timely resource for homeworkers and practitioners offers fresh ideas for how to strike the perfect balance between living and working at home.

Anna Yudina is co-founder and editor-in-chief of MONITOR magazine. She has curated design exhibitions on Zaha Hadid and Jakob + MacFarlane and has written several books on architecture, including Furnitecture and Lumitecture for Thames & Hudson.

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