Sleeping Living Room

Nowadays, the research for ingenious solutions with the aim of saving space either to add an additional function to the house is a topical subject in the world of interior design. To give to each of their children a private room, this couple ques­tions us about the possibility of using the living room volume to create a space «at night» without changing the aspect of the room. Our solution is to create a carpentered set which transforms it­self, creating a perfect bedroom. By Finding unbearable to sleep in the middle of a stay, the option of a simple closet bed is immediately rejected. Two rolling walls of the carpentered set which, once closed, hide the television set as well as a part of the storage space, revolve then to create once opened «partitions». The lacquered carpentered set and its niches in solid oak, gives to the stay a bright aspect while respecting the style of the apart­ment.



bookshelf house ground floor

bookshelf house 1st floor

bookshelf house 2nd floor 1

bookshelf house stair section