Bailly-Romainvilliers Masterplan

As long as you stay there, it’ll be heaven, sweetheart. These words ring in the heads of all the inhabitants of Bailly for whom, in front of their suburban dwelling, these words resound like a truth that of a lifelong dream.It is precisely this dream that Disney decided to develop when, towards the end of the 80s, it signed an agreement with the French state for, among other things, the creation of its amusement park. Since then, a hundred or so pavilion projects have seen the light of day, making a nod to American architecture, well known for its pragmatism. Everything has been perfectly chosen: facades in warm and luminous colours, beautiful proportions and above all the integration of one or two garages, so fundamental to the life of the new suburbs. These architectures with the flavours of other times are perfectly adapted to the populations who are looking for peace and quiet. space.However, the projects gradually show another reality, the colours of the walls are transformed into simple plaster, the district plans appear as endless housing estates. In this reality the roads are no longer punctuated by the ebb and flow of the inhabitants but show the strange emptiness of the urban territory. Sidewalks and public spaces are chronically devoid of life and seem devoid of any colour. The housing complex remains silent and produces almost no urban activity. The sustainable city then becomes soulless. What can be done to breathe life into this city? How can these dormitory areas be reintegrated into a sustainable and polyfunctional whole?

bailly couverture


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bailly velo


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